Cannot open new do I list ports open?



I work as an independent contractor for a transcription company and they have
just released new software for us to use. I downloaded it and I am one of
only 2 people who cannot get it to launch. Their programmers now say it is
something specific to my machine and I am on my own! I am not exceptionally
computer savvy and have no idea where to look. The first thing I did was
turn my firewall off thinking maybe it was something that simple. It wasn't.
You can click on the program to launch it and you get a clocking icon, it
says it is verifying the application requirements, and then you see something
flash so quickly if you blink you miss it in the shape of the program box but
then it disappears. I have added the program to my exception list and it
requires 4 ports to be open. I have no idea how to list what ports are
currently open and am not even sure it matters since I added it to the
exception list and I don't think I need to manually open the ports but
maybe?????? I would hate to lose my job because I'm too dumb to figure out
why the software doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be
eternally grateful!!!


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