Can not show scrollbars using listview on a userform


Angelino Maneskul

Hi all.

I have an userform where I need to show several lines of a sheet.
I'm trying to use a listview control, instead of a listbox, since the
appearance of the listview, for the user, is far way better than the
But I encountered a serious problem: the listview does not show the
scrollbars, both the horizontal and vertical, even when i have a lot of
records to show.
I can go down the records using the arrow keys, but i can't go with the
mouse (horizontally, i can't go in any ways).
I've tried all teh propertys of the listview but couldn't find the correct
one to show the scrollbars.
Anyone knows if there is any "hidden" property or trick to show the scroll
I've search a lot on google, but couldn't find nothing useful.

Thanks in advance.


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