Can I Run This Hyper-Threading CPU In My Supposed Non HT Motherboard?



Here's the scenario:

My motherboard is the Intel D845EBT. It is from an old "vpr Matrix
FT-4100" system.

Here are the tech specs on it:

I wish to purchase an "Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.06 GHz", box #
BX80532PE3066D, to liven up the old gal.
Here are the specs on that:

Sticking to the subject thus far, all of the specs for the CPU fall
into the range, called for, by the specs of the motherboard, 512k
cache/533 FSB/socket 478, etc.

In actuality, the motherboard only calls for the following:
"Support for an Intel Pentium 4 processor in a PGA478 socket with a
400/533 MHz system bus", which the CPU falls into, except for the
fact, that the CPU is Hyper-Threading, and no where, do the specs for
the motherboard state, that the motherboard can run an HT ready

So then, if we go to Intel's site, to find out what the requirements
are for Hyper-Threading:

We see that there are 4 requirements:

1. A processor that supports HT Technology
2. HT Technology enabled chipset
3. HT Technology enabled system BIOS
4. HT Technology enabled/optimized operating system

Ok, so, #1 goes without saying.

#2, chipset, if you continue down on the same HT page from Intel, you
will get to the Chipset section. The Chipset for my Intel motherboard,
is the 845E chipset, which, is listed there, meaning, the boards
chipset does support HT, even though, it is not listed in the
motherboards manual. An excerpt from the 845E chipset link is as

"The Intel® 845E chipset is optimized for the Intel® Pentium® 4
processor supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology† and Intel
NetBurst® microarchitecture. Highlights include 533 MHz system bus and
integrated high-speed USB 2.0."

Ok, so, my motherboard does in fact support HT, even though the manual
does not make light of this. As a matter of fact, the manual stops
recommending CPUs at the non-HT 2.80Ghz.

Next, number 4 also goes without saying, as I will be using XP Pro.

Now, number 3 is the only one, that I think, is the discerning factor.

Even if the BIOS, was not/is not setup for HT, will I still be able to
run that CPU, on that motherboard?



Mike Walsh

You can run any Hyper-Thread capable CPU without Hyper-Threading enabled. The BIOS and motherboard do not need to support Hyper-Threading.

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