can I put an email address in a macro ?



I have Excel 2002. I have a spreadsheet that I need to convert to csv format
and email each week to another person. My macro does a save as to convert it
from xls to csv ... is there any way I can automatically overwrite the old
file so it doesn't ask me each time about overwriting the file. Also, when
the macro opens Outlook, is there anyway I can use the macro to
automatically enter the email address and send the email, or do I have to do
it manually each time ? Can a macro jump from Excel to Outlook and then back
again ?

thanks ... Roger



Gord Dibben

To prevent the message when you overwrite a file add

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

your save code goes here

Application.DisplayAlerts = True

Bernard looked after the sending of mail in his reply.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


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