Built in adapter disconnects automatically



Hi, I have a new wifi laptop running win XP home ed and sp2. I also have a
wireless router where i have adsl. Everything worked fine and i surfed the
web and everything, but after a few days I can´t connect with the built in
wifi adapter. Everytime I try to connect, it connects for 2 seconds or so and
then automatically disconnects. I connected a USB adapter and i can surf the
web with it perfectly. Surprisingly, the network wizard does not find any
network when using the built in adapter, but it does when using the USB
adapter. I am pretty sure that the built in adapter is ok. Must be bad
configured or anything. If start+control panel+system+hardware, the internal
network adapter works fine and no is says there are no conflicts. I have the
antivirus updated, the firewall is active...everything...I tryed disabling
them, but didnt work.

What can I do to use again the built in wifi capabilitities instead of using
the USB adapter?

Thank you.


Fermin Martin.
Madrid, Spain.


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