Bug: unselected cells pasted after ctrl clicking then copy and pas



Hold down the Ctrl key. Click on multiple cells (not all adjacent). Copy them
(I use Ctrl+C). Only the cells clicked are highlighted in Excel.

Now create an e-mail and paste the cell contents into the body (I use Ctrl+V
to paste).

Unselected cells in between the ones clicked are ALSO pasted into the
e-mail. It's as if one had used SHIFT+CLICK, instead of Ctrl+Click.

This has caused errors and miscommunication within our software company, as
I have created lists of forms (from our project schedule) for other
developers to check, and they have been sent more forms to check than I had

In the past I assumed I had SHIFT+CLICKED accidentally. This time I actually
tested it and found the bug.

A colleague reports the same bug when selecting entire rows using Ctrl+Click.

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