BRAND NEW Macbook PRO for little money



Some of you are already familiar with the "FREE" ads and web sites
that promise to give you a notebook of your choice for free. Most of
these web sites have you complete a certain number of offers or take
an endless survey. This is not practical and is nothing more than a
scam, since you end up paying more in money for the offers than if you
were to just purchase the laptop.

The reality is...

You will NOT get a Macbook Pro for FREE, but you will only need to
sign up for 1 offer and then make 24 referrals. I know it sounds a
lot, but I have personal experience in this and have received an XBOX
and IPOD MINI for the price of signing up for 1 cheap offer, all from
the same company that offers these great products

I know it doesn't prove anything, but I took this pic (URL link below)
the moment I received the XBOX and IPOD MINI

By the time you have read this, I will already have many people signed
up for this offer because they, like you, see this message (Google,
Yahoo, Blogger), sign up for an offer and post like I'm doing now, and
eventually get their Macbook Pro. Isn't it worth it to get a $2000
worth Macbook Pro, what have you got to lose?

Click here for further details:


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