Boot problem Disc Guru Needed!



(This information probably isn't needed but.. Dell Inspiron 4150
laptop, Windows XP Pro, original Fujitsu 40Gb 2.5" IDE drive, IBM
Travel Star 60Gb 2.5" IDE drive mounted in Media Bay as removeable

from the beginning....
My hard disc failed and I was unable to boot. Tried installing failed
disk in other laptop via USB and on desk top via 3.5" to 2" adapter.
Ocasionally managed to see drive in WIndows Explorer when connected
through USB but unable to see any partitions/file systems. When
connected through hard disk controller, even the bios would not detect
the drive.

Eventuallu bought another hard drive and reinstalled XP, and got cady
to mount the original drive in the module bay. Now the failed drive
was visible in Disk Manager, but appeared unformatted. I ran chkdsk a
toltal of 4 times. each time it progressed futher before stalling.
Eventually it finished and I was able to see the disk in Windows
Explorer. WHAT a RESULT! Copied all my unbacked up data which I
thought was gone for ever on the new disk and breathed a sigh of

Next I put the repaired disk back as the primary disk and it booted.
Even Better!

I suspected there meay be a hardware problem with the repaired disk
and so made a Ghost image to a third drive I had bought. This booted

next I cleaned up the installation on the repaired disk and
partitioned the new 60Gb drive to take a mirror of the main drive as a
backup and left enough space to have a second partition for storing
dailly backups and whatever.

I booted from the Image partion on the 60gb drive in the media bay (or
so I thought) and then set about exercising and testing the repaired
disk to see if it had a hardware problem. Destoying the data on it in
the process!!!

I then tried to boot again from image in the module bay and it
wouldn't boot.
I think it never booted and I had actually booted from the original
repired drive without realising it.

So I am now unable to boot my recovered installation, having recently
had two mirrored and working versions of it! Shit.

What I think I did wrong is:
When I created the partition for the image, I created it as an
extended partition. I now believe that an extended partition is not
bootable, except by a fe operating systems...?
So my Ghosted image was copied to an extended partition.. I created a
second partition on the same drive as a Primary partition and then
used Ghost to image the Extended partition to the Primaary parition..
Still no joy.
I have used MBRTOOL to to write a new MBR to the 60Gb disc. Still no

Anyone got any ideas what I can do?


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