A few weeks back my Windows XP (Home Edition) Would not load, would not
except passwords for logon. By inserting XP disk I got into the Sys.
directory. Using the help dir. I was able to load a mirror copy. Now there
are Two (2) system on computer and at each logon I'm presented with choice of
system to logon to with only one visiable "Windows XP Home edition" When I do
logon I get at startup "found new hardware" "Logical Disk" "Could not load
new Hardware, your system may not work properly" I cheked the BOOT file and
found "Signature(7b758881)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)Windows="Microsoft
Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect" Under "Check All Boot Paths" the
above is listed as "It appears that the following line in the BOOT.INI file
does not refer to a valid OS. Question. Do I need to/Can I Go Back into Sys
and delete old non-working OS and make the Mirror the the only one in the
partition? And yes when I remove the line from the BOOT.INI I do get an Error
Message when I logon but the OS stills works. No I'm sorry I failed to opy
down that Error message, but if someone wants it or needs it I will get it
and add it to this post. Thanks for any help


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