bombshell: SEGA's Lindbergh arcade board is NOT using PowerVR... it's NVIDIA BASED !



new information on Sega's Lindbergh arcade board:

Pentium 4 - 3 GHz - 1 MB of L2 cache

1 GB of main system RAM (2x 512 MB) PC3200 DDR-SDRAM 182 pins (seems
low bandwidth)

NVIDIA GPU, either NV40 ~ GeForce 6800 series
256 MB RAM for graphics

Lindbergh does NOT use PowerVR Series 5 GPU(s) as previously expected.

the CPU and GPU make Lindbergh MUCH less powerful than Xbox360 or
Playstation3..... I think Lindbergh will end up being less powerful than
even Revolution but can't say for sure yet. the only thing Lindbergh has
going for it, is alot of RAM, more than any of the new consoles have by a
factor of more than twice, but, the key point is, that RAM seems to be
slower than what's in the new consoles.

basicly, Lindbergh is a slightly customized PC




Sega's New Arcade Lineup Revealed

Virtua Fighter, Virtua Tennis, After Burner and first details on the
Lindberg arcade board.
by IGN Staff
August 31, 2005 - We've already shared hands-on impressions of Sega's first
next generation arcade game, House of the Dead 4, but we never really got
the full word on the specifications behind the board off which the game was
claimed to be running. The latest issue of Famitsu has the details we've
been looking for on the so-called Lindberg arcade board.

According to the magazine, Lindberg sports an Intel Pentium 4 Processor
running at 3.0 gigahertz. The board includes a gigabyte of main memory. For
the board's graphics unit, Sega has gone with an NVIDIA chip with 256
megabytes memory. Sound is handled by a 3D audio synthesizer chip capable of
5.1 channels and 64 simultaneous sounds. Games are set to be distributed on
Sega will be showing this board off at the JAMMA arcade show, set to open
its doors at a convention center near Tokyo on Thursday. According to
Famitsu, Sega will show video footage of Virtua Fighter 5, After Burner, The
House of the Dead 4. These three were also shown at E3 in video form. It's
unknown if we'll be getting a new look, or if Sega will share the same

In addition to these titles, Famitsu is home to two new Lindberg
announcements. Power Smash 3 (the series known as Virtua Tennis in America)
will be shown in video form at the show. Former head of AM2, Yu Suzuki, will
show video footage of Psy-Phi (pronounced "Sci-Fi"), an original battle
shooting game that uses a touch screen for control.

Here are the full specs of the Lindberg board as revealed by Famitsu:

CPU: Intel Pentium Processor 3.0Ghz with 1 Megabyte L2 Cache, Hyper
Threading Compatible, 800MHz FSB

Memory: 184pin DDR SD-RAM PC3200 512 Megabytes x 2 (dual)

GPU: NVIDIA GPU, 256 bit GDDR3 Memory 256 Megabytes. Compatible with Vertex
Shader 3.0 and Pixel Shader 3.0. Can output same or different video stream
to two screens

Sound: 3D Audio Synthesizer Chip, Max 64 channels, Compatible with 5.1
channel output


a.. Video: Analogue D-Sub 15 pin, Two DVI-I Terminals
b.. Sound: 5.1 Channel (front 2 channels use RCA Connectors), SP-DIF
c.. LAN: On board: 10/100/1000 BASE-TX. JVS I/O Connector
d.. Serial: 2 Channel (can switch one channel between 232C and 422)
e.. USB 2.0 x 4
Other: Original security system, compatible with All.Net, games distributed
on DVD.
We'll have more on Lindberg and all of Sega's new games from JAMMA late
Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.

Darren and Shelly Anderson

So it is a PC board then, and a DVD rom drive. everything you listed is or
was in my old computer system.
To bad it did not run an AMD chip it would have been faster. ;)


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