BF2: Special Forces unplayable with Vista 5728


Hugh Jass

I have Vista build 5728 running (did a fresh install), and BF2: Special
Forces is unplayable. The game play is way too choppy, as to make it
unplayable. It doesn't matter WHAT the settings are at, either maxed out or
on minimum, but it is just unplayable. Now, the regular BF2 is perfectly
playable. I bought the BF2 with special forces, so they basically get
installed at the same time, as they are from the same set of five CD's. Why
would the regular BF2 be perfectly fine with everything turned all the way
up, but Special Forces is totally unplayable even with everything turned way

My system specs are:

P4 3.0ghz
2 gig ram
300 gig hard drive
8x dvd burner
BFG 6800GTOC video card.

Anyone else have the same problem, or get Special Forces to work for them
under Vista 5728???


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