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Daniel Johns

I have recently upgraded our companies Domain from NT to

The Domain Controller now has DNS running and is the root
of the Domain. The DNS is Active Directory integrated.

However because it is the root, it was not forwarding
request it could not resolve and the option to add
forwarders is greyed out beacuse it is the root.

To quickly get around this I have created a secondary zone
on another server, added forwarders to it and pointed all
my clients to this DNS server.

This is not an ideal scenario, DNS is not being updated
and resolution is not functionaning fully.

Is there a list of best practices or can someone tell how
best to proceed given the few deatils I have mentioned.

I simply have one Domain with one DNS Domain and would
like them to be AD integrated and forward requests they
cannot resolve to my ISPs DNS server.

Hope you can help




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