BellSouth Parental Control: blsloader.exe - Bad Image



I don't know how it happened, but I get a pop-up error
message labeled "BellSouth Parental Control:
blsloader.exe - Bad Image" which says: "The application
or DLL C:\ProgramFiles\BellSSouth Internet
Tools\blshook.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please
check this against your installation diskette." I am
given only a box to check "OK" and after I check it, it
comes back. It won't go away. It's always on my screen
and interferes with whatever I have on my screen.

I checked with my DSL (BellSouth), who couldn't help me
and referred me to Microsoft. I have no use for parental
control and never signed up for it. I can't find it in
my files, neither could BellSouth. I recently purchased
my computer from Gateway with all programs installed and
there was no installation diskette that I know of. What
does the message mean and how do I get it out of my
computer? It appears immediately upon starting the

I will appreciate your advice.



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