BCM for Outlook 2007 Beta 2: Cannot Reinstall



I developed instability with Windows XP Pro that required a no-reformat
reinstall operation.

Upon recovery I found that BCM would no longer recognize my databases. I
then took the following steps:

1. Uninstalled BCM for Outlook 2007 Beta 2 from Add/Remove Programs
2. Rebooted
3. Began reinstallation from .exe BCM file
4. Reinstallation resulted in SQL Server 2005 being reinstalled but BCM did
not reinstall with the only 'error' message indicating that BCM failed to
5. Rebooted into Safe Mode & deleted all temporary files, then Shutdown
6. Again attempted reinstall with the same message indicating that the
installation of BCM failed

Any ideas short of uninstalling Office 2007 Beta 2 & starting from scratch?



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