BCM could not find the database



My configuration is as follows:
Intel P4 with 1GB of memory.
Windows XP/SR2,
Office Pro 2003/SP2,
Office 2007 Beta (without Outlook) is installed.
IE 7 Beta (installed 6/21)

I installed IE7 yesterday and when I rebooted this morning, OL could not
find the BCM database. The SQL Server icon on the taskbar says that it is
When I right click on the BCM folder in OL I get the following message: "set
of folders can't be opened. Store not configured."
When I select Data File Management, the window takes several minutes to open
and then presents the following message: "BCM could not find the database
you're looking for."
In the BCM Update window that opens from the Data File Mannagement link,
under "Select A Database" only the computer name shows any data. The window
to select the database does not display any data.
When I open the SQL Server Manager utility is says that SQL Server is
running and SQL Server is selected.
I"ve tried searching for the database name displayed in the Outlook Data
Files window with no success.

1. What can I do to recover the database?
2. Is it possible that the IE7 installation (security settings perhaps) has
caused this problem?

Any suggestions will be greatfully accpeted.


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