BCM Contacts Issues



To MSft folks. The Business Contacts section of Outlook 2007 w/BCM has some
odd behavior or missing features (in my opinion).

- It will NOT FIND ANY matching field entries that are drop-down list entries.
- The real time auto hi-liting feature does NOT WORK (it does for Contacts
but not Busi Contacts). You must click the magnifying glass to execute the
- Even after a search is complete, the search string hi-lite feature does
NOT WORK certain fields (ie: Business City, Business Fax, any User Created
fields, ... just to name a few).

- Advance filtering of multiple criteria are preset to the "AND" boolean
operator. There is no provision for changing this to "OR" .... or a combo of
both. This feature is pretty common to other CM's! And yes, I know I can
screw with the SQL code but come on people.
- In the Advance filter window, the button labeled More Advanced ... seems
dead, inoperable. What does it do, or supposed to do?

Data/Contact Entry:
- Get rid of that business card on the Contact entry page. Redundant and a
waste of space.
- Why are some of the drop down lists non-editable (ie: why can't I add Rev.
(Reverend) to the Title, or PC to the Suffix)?
- More fields should be allowed to be drop-down lists (ie: City, State, etc.).
- In the BDay & Anniv fields there should be a entry and/or display option
for just Mo/Date, and SORT ON JUST Mo/Date. I rarely know the year anyway.
The only way I can just display the Mo/Date is to also show the day and I
sure as heck don't care that Feb 12 in 1995 was on a Sun.

- Can you make a Company address folder so when a company changes address or
a city name changes due to an annexation, you can change it in one place.
- How about a Find/Replace feature?
- Lots of critical actions that do not allow an UnDo (ie: when you drag ALL
contacts from one phone number group to another it is a one shot deal;
meaning there is no old phone number group to drag them back to if you made a
mistake ... it's gone!).

Still evaluating my switchover and a tad disappointed in BCM so far.
Missing some very basic user friendly features. But thanks for your
consideration of my comments.

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