I have a aver tv stereo internal in a p3 1 ghhz processer on win xp
with a nvedia g force 2 card.
sometimes when i try to close the aver tv window or click a vutton my
computer instantly crashes to reboot bios screen, were it weould be
just like i turned on the competer. trhis happens instatly on some
occasions, why is that? and what can i do to fix? i have 500 mgs ram,
also i tried reinstalling the rtv card and app several times, i have
resolution on tv set to 720 x 480. it doesnt happen every time but
enough times. what do i do??

i troed asking avertv support but they no longer support this card.
it is avertv stereo series card.

anyone else having this problem?

what can i do????

thnks email me at (e-mail address removed)



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