Attachments not delivered with Outlook but Thunderbird does



Application name: Outlook Version 11.0 Build 5608

Recently two of the recipients on a distribution list started complaining
that they are no longer receiving attachments sent out with my e-mails. The
e-mails are composed in Outlook 2003 in HTML format.

Two technicians I asked came up with the same wierd solution that, at first,
seemed to work: Delete the problem-recipients from my contact list and the
create them anew. This solution worked for the past few days, now one of the
problem recipients has just phoned to say that he did not receive an
attachment again.

I have tried sending PDF, Word and Excel attachments direct to him without
success. Yet when I send the same attachment with Mozilla Thunderbird it
get's delivered.

What should I do - move to Thunderbird? Not if someone can help me!


Bert van den Heever
South Africa


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