Attachment Truncation



This is a good one...

I have a client with an IBM Thinkpad T30. He is running
Office XP suite with all the latest service packs. He is
running Windows XP with all the latest service packs and
updates. We have also downloaded and installed the
latest network drivers from IBM.

If he is NOT on a VPN, he can receive email and
attachments correctly. Once he gets on his VPN, his
larger attachments (1mb+) become truncated. For instance,
a 1.25mb attachment may be truncated to 1mb and a 2.75mb
attachment will truncate to 2mb. We have tested several
other machines on this VPN by having them access his
email account. The attachments are OK on other
machines... narrowing the troubleshooting down to the
machine level.

He is also running PC-Cillin with the latest virus
updates. He doesn't seem to have any virus on his
machine. I've also disabled the virus scanner thinking
that it may be causing the problem.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I'm out of them...



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