Bobbie Leslie

I've beeen using a A7V8X motherboard with a pair of WD 40 gig drives
running from a Promise controller card. I managed to trash the XP hard
drive and decided to go with a 250gig SATA Western Digital drive. It
isn't recongized with the Promise controller in so I removed it and
rebooted with a floppy and all I get is 2 options; 1 to set it up in
an array (read RAID) or 2 to continue with setup which doesn't do
anything. I've booted with my WindowsXP CD and it goes all the way
thru the F* acceptance and then says there's no hard drive attached. I
tried using the ASUS CD that came with the motherboard but it doesn't
show the Fast Trak driver at all or I'm unable to find it. Is it a
part of the Via 4in1???.
I've been over ther ASUS site(s) with a fine tooth comb and can't find
a driver for the Fast Trak 376 which I believe is what drives the SATA
connections. I don't want to use the drive as RAID at all, I just want
to use it as a normal drive. Any help will really be appreciated.




Hi Bob

I spent about 4 weeks trying to get the 376 working. Had a long tech
support email chat and eventually gave up when I was recommended to
install the latest beta version of the BOIS and bought a rocketraid
1520 pci card, which turn out not to work properly, and so has been
returned in favour of a 3ware (as recommended in another thread here)

The 2 SATA drives were picked up by the PCI card as soon as I
installed the drivers, although trashed data in RAID 1 mode.

Send a support request to the asus tech guys and ask for the latest
driver - the file I was sent is the PROMISEFASTTRACKpdc20376

Good luck!

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