Apointment Fonts, Print issues!



I print a shared calendar out each week for our training room to be posted on
the wall outside the room. Friday, I was gifted with Outlook 2007 on my new
machine, and have discovered that no matter what size I tell it to print on
the Weekly View page setup, the appointment fonts default to an 8 pt size
which is WAY too small for a wall calendar (especially in light of the fact
that most people seem to need reading glasses just to sign something!!).

I found this bit of information on the web when I did a search on Google:

"Regarding the issue "changing the font size in the page setup doesn't
actually change the font size in Print Preview or Print Out, based on my
research, it is a known issue in Outlook 2007.

It is an improvement feature in Outlook 2007. When you change the font size
as a large one such as 16 in Outlook 2003, part of the
appointment information may be invisible in the printout. In Outlook 2007,
to prevent it, Outlook 2007 auto scale the font size so that all the
appointment information is visible in the printout. As a result, the font
size may still be 8 pt."

May I point out that this is UNACCEPTABLE??!!! If I were worried about all
the appointment information appearing, then I would keep the font size small
myself. If Outlook defaults to a tiny font size, then there is NO POINT in
including the option to CHANGE the font size in the print preview. Please
tell me how to fix this so that I can print a READABLE calendar for our
training room wall. Thanks!




I am using a Weekly View, work week only, 8 am - 5 pm (which are our office
hours). I did try the calendar printing assistant, but it seems to only work
on my own calendar, not the shared calendars.

Again, I DO NOT want Outlook to scale the font size. I want it to print the
way I want it to print (I mean, isn't that the point of the preferences and
options in a given program?). People cannot read the wall calendar unless
they are less than a foot away from it. If there is any way to change the
default, that would be most helpful.


I am having similar issues as well, and I have adjusted the page size to 11
X 17, and 13 X 19 and it accepts the changes and shows them in print preview
and then does not print out in the selected size or fonts.


Diane Poremsky {MVP}

The CPA will work with all calendars.

There is no way to change the behavior in Outlook 2007. If your company has
a support contract, have them open an incident report with Microsoft If your
copy is a retail copy, you can open one yourself within.


If it works, then how do I change the font SIZE? I found where I can choose
the font, the page size, the calendar style, the calendar view, but other
than that the options seem VERY limited.




I havve had the same problem, I need to print a daily view of someone else's
calendar and the font size is too small. Nothing I have tried has worked.
Microsoft please fixed this for the benefit of all admin's world wide.

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