Annoying Error



Hi all,

I've developed a largish workbook using excel 97. It makes extensive use of
data validation in conjunction with Vlookups. It accessed as either
read-only or to write (for those with the password).

The way a part of it works is that when a particular screen is accessed (via
macro from the main page and directed to a specific cell), and a name is
selected from a dynamic validation range, other information is 'written' to
the screen via vlookups. To return to the main screen, another button
(macro) is selected which uses Range("A1").Select, then returns to Sheet
("Menu").Select then Range("C3").Select. So far so good.

If I then return to the other screen, the drop down gadget for data
validation still shows (even though the macro 'says' to select a different
cell). If the user selects this 'gadget' to select a name, then Excel
crashes. If I select the cell first, then the 'gadget' it works fine.

The spreadsheet is accessed by LAN and can have up to 65 simultaneous users,
although of course, only one will have write access at a time. At present
there are only 4-5 people using it. One person reports that it seems to work
fine when opened for read-only.

I am unable to reproduce this on own computer AMD900 512Mb XL2000, Win98SE
The error only seems to occur on ALL work computers, which are generally P4
1.6GHz, 256Mb, XL97, Win98.

I apologise for the term gadget but I don't know the correct term.

Thanks in advance for any help,


PS I accidently posted this to the programming group as well. Apologies for
this error


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