ANN: ZipForge.NET 1.00 is released



ZipForge.NET lets a .NET application create and manipulate Zip files and
perform a
wide variety of data compression operations. This includes an ability to
add, move,
extract, delete, update, test, refresh a group of files or folders by a single
operation; save or load zipped data from stream; add compressed data from
What's more, ZipForge.NET allows compressing files, buffers, streams,
strings and
repairing corrupted archives. Users will also benefit from its unique
System. This technology delivers a very fast and easy way to update archive
while providing data integrity like a reliable database system.

ZipForge.NET is written entirely in 100%-managed native C# code and takes
of all the safety and reliability benefits of the .NET framework. There is a
well-designed component interface, plenty of code samples and demos for C#,
and Delphi.NET. Thanks to all this, the component is easy to incorporate
into an
application. At any stage of using the component, customers can rely on a
quick and
knowledgeable response from the technical support team that will help to
resolve any
problem in less than a few hours.

Read the detailed information at


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