ANN: New InstallAware 6.0 is first to market with Windows Vista and hybrid 64/32 bit system support

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    San Francisco, CA, June 6 2006 - InstallAware Software Corporation
    has released InstallAware 6.0, a setup authoring tool for ISVs and
    enterprises deploying products, patches, updates, and device drivers.
    InstallAware 6.0 creates Windows Installer setup packages with support
    for the latest technologies, including Microsoft .NET 2.0, Microsoft
    SQL Server Express 2005 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista, 64 bit operating
    systems, and Driver Installation Frameworks 2.01.

    "A significant achievement in version 6 is the InstallAware Web
    Update mechanism," says Tod Curtis, Vice President of Research and
    Development at InstallAware. "It's demonstrative of the design
    philosophy behind all of InstallAware. Fully standards compliant- it
    looks and feels just like Windows Update. Fully customizable -
    developers can edit every update dialog, and tweak the update logic.
    Easy to use - works out of the box without surprises. And, it is the
    first solution to market with complete source code for the update
    client. The Web Update client was written entirely in InstallAware's
    MSIcode scripting language, which is a testament to the power and
    richness of MSIcode."

    MSIcode is InstallAware's fourth-generation language for creating
    Windows Installer databases, without requiring programming skills.
    Still unmatched in the industry two years after its debut, MSIcode is a
    human-readable script, with conditional statements and branching
    execution. The simplicity of MSIcode significantly lowers the barrier
    to entry for Windows Installer development, a task with a sharp
    learning curve. "Anyone can author a setup in InstallAware using
    MSIcode," adds Curtis, "and the beauty of InstallAware is that when
    a setup is built, the intelligent and human-readable MSIcode is
    automatically converted into a logo-certifiable, standards-compliant
    Windows Installer database, without requiring too much effort on the
    part of the developer."

    Also new to InstallAware 6 is Driver Installation Frameworks 2.01
    (DIFx) support, hybrid 64/32 bit installations from a single setup
    file, the ability to minimize setups to the system tray and show
    message balloons, Windows Task Scheduler support, and detection of
    Virtual PC and VMware virtual machines. The setup user interface now
    supports building tabbed dialogs, like those used in the Office 2007
    installer. The IDE now offers intelligent warnings and tips as MSIcode
    is being built, avoiding common setup authoring pitfalls. A new sample
    project illustrates detecting and connecting to instances of Microsoft
    SQL Server locally and on the network, together with pre-built dialogs
    that enumerate and test a server connection. Another new sample for
    driver installations simulates connecting a virtual "toaster" to
    the computer and automatically installs its plug-and-play drivers,
    implemented entirely in MSIcode.

    InstallAware 6's own setup serves as showcase for InstallAware's
    advanced technology. Users choose the product edition they wish to
    install directly in the setup wizard, and setup dynamically defines the
    corresponding product features. The minimum setup option works without
    requiring an Internet connection, and additional features are
    downloaded on-demand when selected. The user is surveyed, again
    directly within the install wizard, both when installing and
    uninstalling, and the results are seamlessly submitted online.

    "We take the rocket science out of Windows Installer and software
    installations," says Jeremy Garrett, Vice President of Marketing at
    InstallAware. "Why hassle with an overly complex product when it only
    takes one click to check for Vista machines, one click to test for 64
    bit systems, one click to install complex runtimes, such as Microsoft
    SQL Server Express and .NET Framework. And, it only takes one click to
    create patches. Again, it's just one click to install multiple
    instances of the same application on the same computer. And, we give
    you the actual code that performs each task, so you can review and
    customize as necessary."

    InstallAware is available in four editions, with prices starting at
    US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at

    About InstallAware Software Corporation

    InstallAware Software Corporation, founded in 2003, is a software
    development company focused solely on state of the art software
    installation tools which offer the highest compression ratios and
    bullet-proof installations. The company produces software installation
    and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI) platform
    on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. InstallAware is supported
    by thousands of users worldwide, and is a Borland Technology Partner.
    For more information, visit



    Jeremy Garrett
    InstallAware Software Corporation
    336 Guerrero Street, San Francisco CA 94103
    415 839 7445 (voice)
    415 358 4094 (fax)

    InstallShield® is a registered trademark and/or service mark of
    Macrovision Corporation and/or Macrovision Europe Ltd. in the United
    States and/or other countries.
    , Jun 6, 2006
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