ANN: Galois.Net Hands-on Training


Daniel Perron

Hello everyone,

I have made available the beta version of Galois.Net for the
past few weeks. The mathematical theory behind
it is too advanced for many developers but I don't
expect this to be a "show stopper". To get around this
difficulty, I would like to provide a limited number of
online hands-on trainings with Galois.Net. First come
first serve.

In a nutshell, Galois.Net is an xml-based specification
language (it has nine Xml tags, five of which are commonly
used). The Environment also has built-in networking facility
that can be used for the training.

If you believe that formal specifications can help your
development efforts and you are willing to take a look
at Galois.Net then send me a message so we can make
an appointment.


ps: Galois.Net can be downloaded at:
Daniel Perron, Ph.D.
Lead Developer, Galois.Net


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