Analog Tuner won't work with 2 Digital Tuners installed?



I have a combo ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 (NTSC/ATSC Combo tuner) AND an external ATI
TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner installed on a Vista Digital Cable Supported PC.

I can get both my ATSC Digital Antenna tuner and the ATI external Digital
cable tuner to work together just fine so both have HDTV channels. Is there
some reason the NTSC tuner portion within the ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 (NTSC/ATSC
Combo tuner) won't tune to any analog signals?

Maybe, is it true that analog tuners don't function once you have enabled
Digital Cable within a Vista Digital Cable MCE system?



R. C. White

Hi, Marfer.

Make that:

Your link tried to find that NG on my ISP's own news server - and told me
that it's not there.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)


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