an amateur thinking about fixing partitions (windows and linux) on



before starting i just wanna say that i did some basic research (and tried
to understand at my best) about resizing partitions (one using linux and the
other using XP), after having a little clue about how the process would be i
think i will consider myself happy just uninstalling linux (for the moment)
deleting its partition and try to resize the windows partition without losing
all the data i have in MY DOCUMENTS.

Now mi laptop story, its a Dell (bought january 2004) with 30 gigas hard
disk, pentium 4. Convinced by my expert ex-roommate (fan of linux but now
back in Denmark) and also influenced by a comp scien guy (who told me that in
5 years my laptop wouldnt support Windows new versions but my lap could run
ok using linux for many years) i decided to use both systems so i could get a
hand on linux with time.
Since the beginning my roommate was my consultor that did everything to get
my lap with both systems (during that time i tried to understand what he was
doing but common sense wasnt enough, i found my self writing on my notebook
commands for linux to perfomr simple tasks such as playing some mp3 but
actually didnt learn why using those commands and not others, definitely
Linux was out of my comprehension but i got to admit that i didnt do research
on the web as am trying to do now) and he set each system with 15 gigas.

I think the linux version i have is Gnome 3. sthg., my roommate told me that
this especial version he used wasnt the easiest ine to understand cuz he
needed to be challenged (he was an astrophysic phd student and natural with
computers and programming in high level languages) cuz i thought this guy
would be available for a long time i could learn this complciated version of
linux as time passed. Well all the sudden this guy had to go back to denmark
and i wasnt able to learn sthg new from linux since i couldnt understand it
then when i ran into some trouble with my XP and had to reintall the all
system from scratch i losted the choice to boot from linux or from windows.
Since i rarely used linux i continue just using windows but lately i decided
that i can use part of the 15 gigas (that linux takes now) to storage more
info in windows.

I asked some people about it and they told me i can resize the partition
and still have both but after today's reading (when i realized that the
process is very technical and there are some definitions i dont have a clue
about) am in doubt if its really worth it to keep both systems and this is
the point when you guys can help with your opinions.

*is it true that my laptop will be completly old to run the newer versions
of windows or long-hall (whatever the new name is) in 5 years and therefore
am gonna have big trouble running my word files, excell etc?

*if the answer is yes, then the question is: is it true that there are
simulator or programs that allow you to work with excell or word files,
powerpoints USING LINUX?

*is there a version of linux easy enough to start with (especially for guys
like me who are not computer experts or lovers but with a true desire and
will to put some time weekly to undertand this other OS?

*is it true that with linux you dont need antivirus or firewalls?

your answers to these questions will make easier my decision,.

before i forget i have to say that because of not having an updated
antivirus nor a firewall my laptop is in deep shit now and i will reinstall
windows xp and after that iwill buy or download for free an antivirus and a
firewall.. I'll do this even if i keep linux or not

now another kind of questions:
*if i decide to get rid of linux , is there a way to resize the windows
partition (to take the 30 gigas)without losing all the info in my documents
(am gonna back up my files on cd but my music takes like 5 gigas and i cant
copy all)?

Thanks for your help


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