Alternate "from" or "reply-to" headers


Jon LaBadie

Using outlook without exchange with a single account.

Several email addresses all are forwarded to the address of that single account.
Things like my att account, my comcast address, etc, all get forwarded to the
one primary account from which I pick up my mail. All except the primary account
are very low volume, probably only 2 - 5 percent. But they cause problems.
I maintain them because some of my contacts have trouble delivering mail to
my primary account.

When I reply to one of these forwarded messages, the From and Reply-To headers
point to my primary account rather than the one to which the message was sent.
If I'm sufficiently awake, I can change that manually.

But can the Reply-To header be `automatically' set to the address the original
message was sent to, rather than the address from which I'm replying?

A related question, can the Reply-To header be specified for individual contacts.
I.e. if I send a new message or reply to one of my contacts who has trouble
delivering to my primary account, can I have that messages Reply-To header
automatically specified as the address that contact normally uses?




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