Allowing screen saver settings administrator only.



I want to prevent all users other than the administrator from adjusting the
screen saver settings within the display properties control panel. I want it
so that only the administrator can adjust the screen saver settings. I have
tried adjusting the screen saver settings using the Group Policy console
which are located in the Local Computer Policy\User
Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display but this seems
to affect the administrators account as well. Any suggestions?





Kent W. England [MVP]

Nepatsfan wrote on 22-Jan-2005 1:08 PM:
There is an easier way to manage group policies in a workgroup
environment and that is to manage the registry keys that GPO uses
instead of GPO directly. You can apply these keys to the system or to
the account, depending on which registry key is in question.

To disable the screen saver, see

You have a choice whether to apply this policy system-wide (HKLM key) or
just for a particular account (HKCU key).

You can create a .reg file and "merge" that file into the registry. I
recommend doing this for any tweaks that you create, so you can re-apply
them as necessary, if, for example, you do a clean install as some are
wont to do at the slightest frustration.

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