Allow show/hide option for Excel graph series



To plot a graph with multiple series in Excel, I need to "Add" each series in
the Source Data window. When I get to several series (5+), it gets difficult
to organize the graph. I would like to select specific series to show and
deselect specific series to hide, all at my choosing. This would make it
very easy to show comparisons between Series A and B, followed by a
comparison in Series B and C, etc. Meanwhile, I could have a few series
permanently shown on the graph as reference data.
As it is now, in order to make the comparisons, I have to create several
different graphs or I have to add and remove series within the same graph.
Adding a series requires selecting the data columns from the spreadsheet; if
the spreadsheet is large, this can be a big pain to do over and over again.
Both methods are a hassle and not efficient for the user. Please add
click-able hide/show options.

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