All your AV belong to us



"... security researchers at have devised an attack that
allows malicious code to get around antivirus software. Based on the
company's tests, every Windows security product tested so far is vulnerable.

Products vulnerable:

3D EQSecure Professional Edition 4.2
avast! Internet Security 5.0.462
AVG Internet Security 9.0.791
Avira Premium Security Suite
BitDefender Total Security 2010
Blink Professional 4.6.1
CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2010
Comodo Internet Security Free 4.0.138377.779
DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.00
Dr.Web Security Space Pro
ESET Smart Security
F-Secure Internet Security 2010 10.00 build 246
G DATA TotalCare 2010
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
KingSoft Personal Firewall 9 Plus 2009.05.07.70
Malware Defender 2.6.0
McAfee Total Protection 2010 10.0.580
Norman Security Suite PRO 8.0
Norton Internet Security 2010
Online Armor Premium
Online Solutions Security Suite 1.5.14905.0
Outpost Security Suite Pro
Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0.3330.505.1221 BETA VERSION
Panda Internet Security 2010 15.01.00
PC Tools Firewall Plus
Security Shield 2010
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.0.5
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010 17.50.1647.0000
Vba32 Personal
VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0.3272
VirusBuster Internet Security Suite 3.2
Webroot Internet Security Essentials
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.1.507.000
probably other versions of above mentioned software
possibly many other software products that use kernel hooks to implement
security features

We're all gonna die!

(Note: Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't seem to be on the list. I'm



Bob I

Reminds me of the Polish Virus!

******** ZAP! ********
You have just received the "Polish Virus"!!! As we don't have any
programming experience, this virus works on the honor system.

Please delete all the files on your hard drive, then manually forward
this virus to everyone on your mailing list. Thanks for your cooperation.


VanguardLH said:
Read the article again. It said:

"just because your antivirus/antispyware software isn't included
doesn't mean it's immune - it could just be that Matousec's
researchers haven't gotten around to testing it yet"

Right. I should have said: "MSE isn't on the list, so I've got a better
chance of having a wonderful computing experience than if I were using

Of course holding a squealing piglet in each hand has a better chance of a
wonderful computing experience...

Thanks for the correction.




HeyBub said:
Right. I should have said: "MSE isn't on the list, so I've got a better
chance of having a wonderful computing experience than if I were using

Well, that was a given before this came up. >;-)

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