Album DIY


Frank Bohan

<quote> AlbumDIY is a digital photo album software to help you arrange your
selected digital photos on the pages of a digital photo album. The finished
album can be viewed on any computer which has installed AlbumDIY, but it can
also be distributed as .EXE file. The digital photo album looks like a book
on the computer screen, and you can increase the photo album's impact by
adding background music , text comments, clipart and more. Your digital
photos can be positioned anywhere on the album's pages, resized, stretched,
rotated and adjusted in many other ways. You can also choose from a
selection of artistic frames and masks for your photos, creating a unique
and professional look for each of your photo album pages. This software is
easy to use and offers wizard-style dialogues. Additional features include a
slideshow feature, full-screen viewing and picture-only mode. </quote>

As well as the main program, have a look also at the Plug-Ins


Frank Bohan
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