Advertisements are prohibited


Larry Linson

You can safely ignore the "online training in India" ads that have
been the only posts in this newsgroup for months -- they aren't
intelligent enough to know they are trying to sell courses that are
farfrom the topic, and not smart enough to even search and determine
that unsolicited advertisements, even on-topic ones, are unwelcome

Or, perhaps they are, and just don't care about following the rules.
If you feel compelled to indulge, just don't hope for anything
exceptionally good, if they aren't any smarter, or any more
conscientious about the courses they teach.

I suspect they know that these are "orphan newsgroups", no longer
sponsored by nor hosted by Microsoft, so they won't face retribution
from Redmond, WA, USA for their transgressions; only comments on the
irrationality of trusting them from observers here.



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