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A while back I posted to this NG about my system's inability to make the
Administrative Tools icon in the Control Panel work. Clicking on it created
no action at all. However, I could get to the Administrative Tools in other
ways. Most of the responses I received regarding my post said that the icon
should work, and that they had never heard of this problem before.

When I first installed Windows XP, it was an upgrade from W98SE. I searched
several XP newsgroups, and Google, trying to find an answer to the problem.
Finally, yesterday I bit the bullet, backed up my important files to another
computer, wiped my HD clean, and did a clean install of Windows XP.

So now the Administrative Tools icon in the Control Panel works as it
should. I don't know what caused this flaw in my installation of XP -
perhaps some vague error in the W98SE registry. However, the original W98SE
setup was working very well, and when I upgraded to XP, there were no
apparent glitches.

Hopefully no one else will encounter this problem.


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