add sysprep image RIS server




I'm working on my 1st RIS server...
I have created an image of my Windows XP pc with some software
My DHCP and RIS servers are working fine and respond to PXe boots ...
I have also created a good working PXE boot (floppy-image) for my
clients to load the correct NIC-drivers dependent on pc-type...
So far so goed...
Now I have a good image which I created using sysprep on my (master)
My last click on sysprep GUI was "Factory" with "shutdown computer"
option selected.
Now I have an sysprep image. OK?
Forgive me for this stu*** question: What should I do next?
How can I get or transfer this sysprep image to my ris server?
Will it stay working and bootable?????
How and how and how ?????

I mis something here! I know. Can anybody please help.
What do I have to do next?

Thanks in advance!!!



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