ActiveX error message when download

Discussion in 'Windows XP Basics' started by Jerome, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Jerome

    Jerome Guest


    I have problems downloading specific software due to the
    subject. For example: Rand McNally TripLink, House call
    from Trend Micro (virus check of system through the
    Internet) and just today I tried to download a virus
    check of my system before loading my Norton anti virus
    program (which is on the Symantec website) and received
    the error message: "ActiveX setting will not allow
    download". I follow the instruction for the settings
    recommended for ActiveX and even sometimes remove all
    restrictions but the result is always the same, i.
    e., "Activex settings do not permit download to this
    page". Most of the time (85%) I have no problems
    downloading but when the problem arises there is no way
    to get around it. I have done complete sweeps with "Ad-
    Aware" and Spybot and the system is squeaky clean
    including the registry. Thanks for any help on this
    Jerome, Mar 30, 2004
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