Active Directory: Domain Admin. account GONE....



So I was having a printer issue on my lan. The printer
was shared off my DC. So I attempt to try to do a test
print off my DC, nothing. Then I notice I dont have
control panel nor can I change the a Group Policy
is "causing" this. So I attempt to logon to the DC as my
domain admin. account, and the logon proccess "loops" and
goes back to the ctrl-alt-del screen. I login as my
domain account, and goto documents/settings...and there is
no administrator.domain account. Just a local
administrator account. Which does have all my doamin
admin. desktop items and other items. So I have two

1) On a DC, does the admin. account show as
administrator.domain or just administrator?

2) How/why did this happen?

Thank You KINDLY!


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