Absolute References and worksheets

Mar 13, 2013
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Hi, I'm hoping you can help because I can't find an answer to this.

I have one spreadsheet with multiple worksheets on which I record data changing by the day.

Worksheet 1 shows the current position, worksheet 2 shows a record of all days in small, daily tables.

I'd like to have the table at the top of W2 automatically shown at the top of W1.

I have tried absolute references:
C2='worksheet 1'!$A$9

This does not help, as when I copy and paste a new table to the top of W2, the reference in W1 cell C2 changes, following the previous entry.

I have tried all variants of referenes and must be doing something wrong.

How can I fix a cell in W1 to show the information in W2?


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