Dear Sirs/Madam:

I have a Abit VP6 dual proc. I have a delima of an: "ERROR LOADING OPERATING
SYSTEM". The main HD is a IBM Deskstar IDE/ ATA 100 80GB. I could not get my
main HD to boot up no matter what I did including
a low format or a fill using my own Win2Kpro disk. I pulled it out and got one
of my friends to format it
for me on his computer system using WinXPpro. We did a disk check on the HD,
there were no bad blocks and the HD was still good. When that was done I
brought it
back to my system and my Win2Kpro disk booted up the HD. I wasen't shure if it
would boot rite so I deleted the partition and reformated it agian using the
boot up disk of Win2Kpro.
My HD is NTSF formated. After the full clean install I rebooted and went into
my CMOS and changed the boot set up to 1st: HD-0/ 2nd: CD-ROM/ 3rd: FLOPPY and
manually filled the CHS of my HD-0. As soon as I restarted it agian it went
through it's process of boot up. Afterwards it said "VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA",

This is what my setup looks like when it goes through a Verifying DMI Pool
CPU ID/ucode ID: 0686/08
CPU Clock: 1000B Mhz
Extended Memory: 2096128K
Cache Memory: 256K/ 256K

Diskette Drive A: 1.44M, 3.5in.
Diskette Drive B: none
Pri Master: CHS,ATA 100, 76GB
Pri Slave: none
Sec. Master: DVD-RW,ATA 33
Sec. Slave: none
Display Type: EGA/VGA
Serial Ports: 3F8 2F8
Parallel Ports: 378
SDRAM at DIMM: 0 1 2 3

manual mode: 16383 CYL
16 HDS
63 SEC

Boot up formation:

I am so despritely trying to just load up the OS in this system. Then later
install all the stuff on it. This workstation is loaded to it's gills in
memory and storage space for the renders that I produce on Maya.

My HD system consist of:
(1) IMB Deskstar ATA/100 80GB HD C: drive
(1) IMB Deskstar ATA/100 80GB HD D: drive

Highpoint 370 RAID-0
(4) Seagate Barracuda ATA/IV 100 80GB HD = 320GB

Dual Hot Swap using USB 2.0
(2) Seagate Barracuda UATA/100 200GB HD = 400GB

Pioneer DVD-RW/ CD-RW combo drive

This system is mostly used for Alias|Wavefront Maya, After Effects and Premiere
the dual proc is excellent for rendering.

I am only a student on a student budget so when I went to a PC repair shop they
seem to want to charge me up the WAH-ZOO when they look at my system. Hope you
can help me, need help badly please.

You can email me back at:
(e-mail address removed)

Thank you,


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