A2007 PDF email changing orientation



I have a report I fire from a form using the sendobject command as a pdf
email. Some users are ending up with a portrait-oriented output even though
the report is set up as a landscape orientation. When I run it, the pdf is
always landscape.

How do I force landscape orientation while using the sendobject command?



Mark Andrews

Since no one answered your question I'll take a shot:

My guess is that's a bug in the "out of the box" pdf export? Does it do the
same thing just manually exporting the report to pdf?

If manual export and sendobject both don't work then:
You would have to switch to another method of creating the pdf file and then
build the email and attach the file.
I recommend win2pdf (you can control the filename and suppress the dialog by
writing to the registry.
A bit more code but definitely possible to make this work.

If you can export to a pdf file, just create the file and use code to build
the email and attach the file. This is easy.

If you decide to look for a consultant for an hour of help or something
consider me.

Perhaps google, looking for bugs/work arounds in the pdf export?

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