A problem to solve, a little help



The purpose is to determine the cost of the transport to
debit to the various regional HUB of distribution of the
according to the Zip code and according to the weight of
the commodity
The cost to weight is given by the groups of weight (v.
sheet "Rates" of file consignments.xls)


A file arrives to 1-me from the foreign type the
fileA.xls, all of this that is brought it doesn't serve me
but only some information

2-extract Only the data that serve me and to copy them in
the file consignments.xls
in the sheet "standard" - Here I have tried to put in
association the cap of every line
and the weight to the groups + HUB
There is for now a column with the voice TMC I hold only
her as gives, but I don't use it, even in a future
The sheet "rates" it contains all the caps of Italy and
in a future I will add some places foreign, the data they
are in phase of completion

3-the userform should make me perform the procedure of
copying through a connected key to a macro of copying
then a combobox makes me choose the regional hubs (etc
TO-BO-NA is brought in the formed list in the
sheet"standard" in the file spedizioni.xls")
Chosen the hub it is visualized the list (I have
created as es. the sheet "Debit-etc.. ") extracted by the
sheet "standard" in which are filtered among
all the movimentazionis those of the desired Hub.
It is necessary to create a function of calculation
that sees that to the Zip codes for examples correspond
groups of weight Y in the I list extracted the cost for
ZIP code and for weight determined in groups
as you see in the colones of right of the Standard

4 - last thing button stamps and saves on floppy or HD

If you can help me i send the files compressed
Thanks in advance


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