9800 GX2 speeds and comparisons with 8800 Ultra



I have been reading on several websites about how the 9800 GX2 will be upto
30% faster than a stock 8800 Ultra and some benchmarks that have been posted
appear to come close to this although of course its hard to say how authentic
these test results are. However my question is rather a simple one. Are all of
these benchmarks run with SLI enabled?

My point is I currently run two 1950XTX cards in Crossfire and I have found to
my own cost how little software out there actually supports it or rather then
ATI drivers I guess. With that past experience I am currently leaning towards
an 8800 Ultra as an upgrade as I would rather have a card that works a little
slower than a GX2 on 100% of my software than a card that runs a little faster
than an 8800 Ultra on 30% of my software. And on the other 70% is a fair bit

Looking at some forum postings about it being a dual PCB in one card and not
needing SLI support, this appears to be false so you still need to have SLI
support on your chosen software. I for one can't be bothered with that gamble


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