5.1 Audio in Vista



I am using RC1 build 5600 x86. Sigmatel STAC 92XX High Def onboard audio.

5.1 works in Vista, but it works differently than in XP.

To play 5.1 (rear, center, subwoofer) the DVD or audio source must be 5.1
and set to 5.1

I can't use PowerDVD 7 because it crackles, so that leaves me with Media
Player 11. I have a DVD with LCPM or DD 5.1 and no DTS capability....yet.
The rear speakers don't have sound until the player is set to DD 5.1.
Windows XP had sound in the rears all the time.

So. Vista config set to quad or 5.1 and Windows Media Player 11 audio
output 5.1, and the DVD has 5.1 and Speaker properties has the correct


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