40" SCEPTRE computer/vga mon - figured it out!



Amazing now how many flat panel TVs don't include a refresh Khz rate
in their spec sheets. Mine does.

All resolutions are 60Hz up to 1920x1020 with the exception of
1024x768, listed for 75Hz!, and below, which are either/or 60 if not

Yep. For encodes, I use, aberrations and artifacts are the normal
course. I use them like the industry reviewers propagate the
gray-at-black viewing experience.

Bingo! Dropped down, first time, to 1024x768 and pumped up the refresh
to 75Hz. I'd been working extensively at either 1360x768 and
1920x1020 prior, where artifacts were more annoying than I expected
they ought to be. Whether the MB videochip factored in @1920, for
instance, ignoring, trying to, the differences to manufacturer 40"
makes on my last burnt-out 40" (NEC - equally tempered
blacks/artifacts for either 1360 or 1024 resolutions @60Hz only).

Anyway, I think there's advantage had at 75Hz. Curiously under
Winderz's unhide supported rates, the SCEPTRE will run at 75Hz at next
up mode, 1280x1020 (thereabouts - listed for a supported 60Hz).
Briefly run higher, 60 seconds or so much time to double-check the
manuf. PDF spec sheet, that it is not supported. Don't want to burn
up my newly unpackaged monitor (no - I didn't try 90Hz, say, either).
Say another curiously, as -normally- the TV would pick that up,
screwball operatives, your's truly, and say with a "NO! NO!,
Flasherly" - and goto black with an "Unsupported Mode" error message
popping up on the flatscreen.

Anyway, so far consider it is a $250 LCD, last year's non-LED
SuperDuper Sale -- I'm very pleased (two year's worth of usage and I
figure everything beyond roughly free, as it will already have paid
for itself.) Hm. Might even have a double-warrantee with the credit
card I used.


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