3 video cards, only one display?



I am running WinXP Pro and an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800 Pro (128
AGP as my primary video card. To make use of the Multview feature
also have a PCI ATI TV Wonder Pro card.

I would like to have a second VGA output to expand my desktop. I'v
outputed to a TV but the resolution and picture sucks :)

I've put in a very old PCI All-In-Wonder card to get the VGA output.

On boot with the two monitors connected to the separate video cards th
computer boots normally from the 9800 card and WinXP recognizes th
older PCI ATI card card and installs a driver, but the monitor neve
leaves "stand by" mode (monitor off, yellow light flashing)

The properties of that hardware card say: "this device cannot start
Code 10". I switched PCI slots and had the same results. I actuall
put in another very old PCI video card and had the same result.

Is there something in the bios I should change? (it's properly set t
boot from the AGP card) Might this be because the video cards I'v
been trying are soooo old.




Yves Leclerc

The ATI TV Wonder Pro may not permit the desktop to be on the
multi-monitors. The drivers may be the default one in XP, which are
limited. However, if you still want to have two monitors connected, you can
use the Radeon AIW 9800 Pro. It should have one VGA connector and one DVI
connecor. You can buy an adapter which converts the DVI to an VGA
connector. (Most retail video cards come with such an adapter in the box,
if the video card has a DVI connector).



Thanks! But the ATI 9800 Radeon All-In-Wonder Pro 128 AGP that I us
for my primary adaptor only has one video output. It's a DV
connector. A small DVI to VGA adaptor came with the card.
I connect the adaptor and a VGA monitor to the other end of th

It doesn't have one DVI connector and one VGA connector.
Just the DVI and the adaptor.

Any other suggestions?



Some cards won't function as a secondary card, they will only work as the
primary. You can try changing the setting in the bios to boot from the PCI
and see if both will work that way. If not, you'll need to get a different
card to use as secondary; just make sure that it will function that way.




I am having similar issue. Prior to getting ATI AIW 9800 Pro, I had
Asus GeForce 4 (AGP) + Matrox Millenium (PCI). These worked well
together. After replacing GeForce card with ATI, ATI drivers would not
install - it simply hangs (and have to push Reset button on my

I tried all those BIOS settings suggested by ATI Support Rep - 'canned
response', and reinstalling Operating system! I gave up, and took that
Matrox card out and installed drivers and accompanying software.

After installing drivers, I put that pci card back, and on startup, I
get an error message from ATI Control Panel (one of those XP message
asking if I wanted to report the error). Experience with ATI had been
positive one until now :( Did Anyone out there get multiple video
cards working?

I have: ASUS M/B - VIA KT333 Chipset (with latest AGP Drivers from
viaarena.com), Athlon 1800+, 1G PC2700 DDR, ATI AIW 9800 Pro (AGP),
Matrox Millenium (4M PCI), Sound Blaster Live Value!




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