2nd form on top


Lance Johnson

I'm trying to do something similar to what outlook does with its task
reminders and haven't been able to accomplish this the way I want. When a
reminder is due, it pops that window up. And it stays on top but it's
deactivated and the Outlook window is the active window. And if you click
on the title bar for outlook, it'll pull it to the front. So I've tried
various mechanisms to accomplish this such as using topmost and then
unsetting it. The best I've gotten so far is setting the child window's
owner temporarily to the main form. And then setting the child window's
owner to null after I've activated the main form. The problem with this is
that it does some funky things down in the taskbar. As soon as I set the
owner to the current window, it will remove it from the taskbar. Does
anybody know of a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do without this odd

Lance Johnson


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