2 sided Printing



I recently rolled out Office 2003 Professional, which replaced Office 2000 Professional. After the install I have found that my users are having issues printing 2 sided print jobs from Word. I am not sure if it is a Word issue or an issue with the Networked Photo Copier, but there were no issues printing in Word 2000 and all other printing currently works fine from other applications

Here is the issue, if a user selects a printing job on a Canon Image Runner 400 and selcets 2 sided printing. The print job goes to the print que with an immediate status of spooling/deleting. It then is deleted from the print que without printing. If they print a single sided print job from word it prints just fine. Is this a Word issue or a Canon Driver Issue? I have confirmed that they are using the latest drivers from Canon

Thanks in advanc

Rob Scott


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