2 network cards in a server




I have a Windows 2000 Server domain controller, which also is running
Exchange 2003.

The server has two network cards. Each network card has a IP address in the
same range and subnet, but different default gateways.

I get the following error in the System Event Log. Can anyone offer some
advice on how to fix this?

Source: NetBT
Event ID: 4319
Description: A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network. The IP
address of the machine that sent the message is in the data. Use nbtstat -n
in a command window to see which name is in the Conflict state.

Thanks in advance.




Richard G. Harper

You should not hook up two network cards in this manner. Disable or remove
one of them.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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