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    Can't send fax on remote Windows 2003 using FaxComEx API

    Hello, I also have the same problem. Has anyone solved it? Thanks!
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    Attempting to use FAXCOMEXLib.dll from .NET

    Hi, I have a similar problem with many files I m triing to fax. How have you been able to get the error code? =========================== The error code 0x80070483 is a standard HRESULT value. The value of 7 in the first half indicates that is a Win32 error code. The second half is the...
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    Trouble with C# and FAXCOMEXLib: Fax Service Extended COM API

    Hi DavidLv You must register your COM dll with "regsvr32" dll on your W2K and it would be fine (just type : regsvr32 "C:\xxx\xxx\mydll.dll") ========================================================= About me, i have a trouble with the FAXCOMEXLib. Actually I am no able to send any...