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  1. G~MAN

    Wireless Speaker Adapter

    Hello Gents, Would you recommend one of these so that I can stream music from my laptop to speakers at the other end of the room without wires? If not, any other suggestions / better adapters you know of...
  2. G~MAN

    Which HDTV on a budget

    Hello all, Hope all is well within PCR. I'm after a new HDTV for the bedroom, nothing too fancy but something that will be able to handle the PS3 well. Mainly play FIFA and COD, but others from time to time as well. I have a budget of around £350 and would like the TV to be around 40"...
  3. G~MAN

    Windows Vista Limited Connectivity to my wifi network

    Hello PCR, hope we are all keeping well. I have a bit of an issue regarding my laptop computer. I have recently started using it again after not doing so for 3-4 months. The issue I have, is that it can't connect to my home network. It just says it has a limited connection. I am using...
  4. G~MAN

    How can I upgrade

    Hihi PCR, I have just bought a new 22 inch monitor for my desktop PC, it looks the business. But when I play games on the thing, it kinda looks crap lol. So, with the specs in my sig, could you guys come up with a few minor upgrades which will make my gaming experience ever so slightly...
  5. G~MAN

    Which Wireless Adapter?

    Hello PCR, Since being back at home and using my desktop again, I am in need of a wifi adapter to connect to my homes wireless internet. I did use my laptop and set up a bridge between the two machines, but this was alright at first but now is getting tedious. I have had a look, and there...
  6. G~MAN

    Can my TV double as a computer monitor?

    Hello PCR! Long time no see aye guys! Just a quick question, something that I need clarification on. So... I have this tv - Quite old, not the greatest, looking to replace hence wanting to use it as my computer monitor...
  7. G~MAN

    wifi shuts down

    On laptop or notebook computers that use Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG built-in Wi-Fi network adapter in Windows Vista, the WiFi radio signal may just suddenly turns off, shuts off or disable randomly, with the Internet or network cuts off. The wireless network connection may still appear as active...
  8. G~MAN

    Windows Vista Windows updates affecting my wifi connection

    Heya peeps, It seems everytime windows updates itself, I lose my wifi connection on my computer (even the little light showing when wifi is on/off goes off) After a system restore, it works fine, the light is back on and I can browse the internet again I have just turned off automatic...
  9. G~MAN

    5.1 surround sound help

    Hello PCR, I am redoing my bedroom, and was considering setting up surround sound. I have a set of Logitech X-530 speakers lying about in the garage... I was wondering if I could connect these to my television and be able to watch television and films in surround sound. I ask this because...
  10. G~MAN

    Windows XP Windows did not find any antivirus?!

    Heya Folk, my computer is goin a bit messed up! If you look at the screenshot below you will be able to see why ;) Any ideas?! Regards, G
  11. G~MAN

    Alternatives for xbox 360 wireless adapter?

    Hello Folks, I am currently on xbox live, and I use my laptop to bridge a connection with the 360 so that it can connecnt to the net. This is a bit of an inconvenience as I like to use my computer when gaming sometimes. I don't fancy spending £60 pounds on the microsoft wireless adapter, I...
  12. G~MAN

    Windows Vista Seem to be stuck behind a firewall on a few applications

    Hello, Since I have arrived home from University, and have changed from their network to mine, I have come across a firewall problem where I cannot: - Connect to MSN live - Update my AntiVir definitions - Update my SuperAntiSpyware definitions - Download game patches etc etc I have...
  13. G~MAN

    What HDTV to buy?

    Hello PCR, I know I made a similar post a while back, but that was then and this is now! Basically the parents have agreed (With a little bit of persuasion) to take me out and buy a nice new TV for Christmas. I'm looking for a mid sized TV, around 26 - 32 inches and I would like it to be as...
  14. G~MAN

    Xbox Live unable to connect through University's Network

    Hello all! I was wondering if there was any way I could connect to xbox live using my university's network. When I run an xbox live setup test the MTU fails to connect, is there any way around this? Every time I want to use the internet to browse the net on my pc, I have to authenticate...
  15. G~MAN

    Just got my Dell XPS laptop

    I just recieved my new shiny laptop! Like all consumer laptops, it comes with a lot of Bloatware. Basically I need to know what to uninstall because I went to the add or remove programs tab and there is a lot of shite I doubt I will need... I have 5 CD's that came with the laptop - these...
  16. G~MAN

    Microsoft Office - Where to buy?

    People of PCR, I'm having a little bit of trouble trying to locate a website where I can buy Microsoft Office 2003. I have heard 2007 is pretty shite, so I would rather get the 2003 version. Do any of you guys and gals know where I could pick up this software? on the...
  17. G~MAN

    I need a television for university

    I need a television for University ... I dont need anything to big, I'm thinking 22" will be fine. I will be running my xbox 360 off of it, as well as watching TV (So would prefer one with freeview built in) Ive had a look around, and I have seen a really nice one for £210, here is the...
  18. G~MAN

    Epic - Who wants to be a Millionaire

    This is probably really old, but it made me laugh Enjoy Gman
  19. G~MAN

    Is it hard to convert from PC to Mac?

    Im really interested in buying a new mac laptop for when I go to university, there are a few issues I have though. I need to know what sort of compatibilty issues I may come accross, for example could I save a word document I wrote in windows onto a pen drive, and then later on open it up on a...
  20. G~MAN

    Windows Vista Microsoft Palladium in Action!

    Here is Microsofts NEW concept, Palladium IN ACTION To me, it looks pretty ordinary and dull ... What are you views?